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Les sociétés d’exploitation de la famille Duravant desservent les secteurs de la transformation alimentaire, de l’emballage et de la manutention.

The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Latest vision technology for in-shell hazelnut sorting.


The world production of hazelnuts has experienced a constant growth during the last decade, exceeding 150,000 MT in kernel and reaching its highest production peak in 2021-2022. For the 2022/2023 campaign, a growth of around 11% is expected.

The hazelnut ranks as the 5th most consumed  nut worldwide, which represents 10% of the global market share according to data from the INC NUTS & DRIED FRUITS STATISTICAL YEARBOOK 2021/22. Its consumption continues  growing as it is associated with a healthy lifestyle.

The main producing countries of this product are Turkey, USA and Chile. Currently they focus on the development of new varieties and the organization of the supply chain and logistics associated with its production.

In response to the upward trend in hazelnut consumption, new producing countries have appeared, such as France, which is investing resources in increasing its processing capacity.


Drawing on its extensive experience in the nut industry and its advanced transportation and inspection systems, Multiscan Technologies has developed an ad hoc solution for hazelnut sorting which enables growers and processors to meet the increasingly demanding market quality requirements.

This equipment has been very well accepted in countries such as France and the United States, where the large sizes of their product, allow their marketing in-shell.


The Multiscan S30H is a compact system specially designed for the sorting of in-shell hazelnuts based on their external quality, color and size. Thanks to its high versatility, it adapts to the particular needs of each client, offering benefits in different processes such as the recovery of valuable  product from rejectedbins , sorting by sizes and more.

Optimized processes and high efficiency in defect sorting

This innovative solution improves the in-shell hazelnut sorting processes and ensures a quality final product for sale. In addition, the Multiscan S30H also makes it possible to optimize subsequent processes by eliminating worthless product with serious defects so that the rest of the equipment on the line can work with a higher percentage of good product. All this translates into an increase in the overall profitability of the process and  an increase in the finished product per hour.

Thanks to the SpinSort technology developed by Multiscan Technologies, our equipment  can perform a 360º inspection of each nut , detecting even small and localized defects such as stains and holes caused by insects. Other defects such as black shells or leaves, normally associated with a defective or rotten kernel, are removed before the hazelnutbreaking process , reducing the need for labor for manual  sorting.



Examples of defects detected by the Multiscan S30H


All Multiscan solutions integrate a software platform that provides the customer with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, with the possibility of remote technical assistance. Apart from these functionalities, it also allows communication with other line elements and SCADA, and incorporates supervised machine learning algorithms, which allow the training of the solution in the detection of certain specific defects.

In addition, with the Multiscan S30H, hazelnut producers can monitor the entire process and obtain reports with data by batch that allow correct decision-making to improve the yield of their crop or evaluate the real quality of the product provided by their suppliers.


This solution has been validated in leading companies in the sector. The latest success story is that of our client in France, Les Noisettes de la Bastide.

With the integration of the Multiscan S30H in their processing line, they have considerably reduced the presence of kernel defects in the manual inspection belt (especially black, wrinkled and misshapen product) and have improved their production times.

For more information about this equipment for the sorting of in-shell hazelnuts, contact our team of specialists.