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Multiscan Technologies in the avocado sector

At Multiscan we know the avocado sector and the requirements applied throughout its value chain. Our experience and our know-how support us. We have been developing state-of-the-art technology for more than 20 years, which we now make available to avocado processors and packers to improve their processes and the compliance of their products.

Value applications


Compact systems with vision technology for sorting processes


Improved processing and performance towards integration and automation for the new industrial age

Our clients support us

Relevant companies in the agri-food sector share their experience working with us

Applied technologies


Avocado pre-grading

Multiscan S90 Avocado is a compact system specially designed for avocado sorting by quality, color, size and shape. Thanks to its high versatility and efficiency, it allows multiple configurations of its sorting parameters to respond to the different needs of our customers. It is an ideal equipment to reduce labor and automate manual avocado sorting, optimizing packing or repacking activities.

Equipped with SpinSort technology, it transports the fruit while producing a 360º turn, achieving a comprehensive inspection and detecting quality problems more efficiently with state-of-the-art vision technology.

Increased quality of final product

High versatility of use: Works with all sizes and varieties

Classification in 3 fully configurable outputs

Overall line and calibrator flow optimization

Savings in labor and footprint

Unique solution for repackaging lines due to its compactness and capacity



SpinSort technology combines innovative vision and transport systems for a more efficient detection of quality, color or shape issues. This technology, developed by Multiscan and unique in the world, maximizes the inspected surface of the fruit by rotating it completely, for a comprehensive 360º analysis. A differential value for higher efficiencies to obtain quality products.

Main issues detected in avocado:

External damage
Sun damage

MVS 2020

MVS2020 is the new software platform providing Multiscan sorting systems with renewed functionalities and interfaces to increase their performance. Supported by a higher-capacity computer, MVS2020 incorporates advanced digital processing and information management capabilities to meet the new integration and Industry 4.0 needs.

• More visual and intuitive interface
• Implementation of Machine Learning
• High-power computing and improved algorithms
• Customized configuration options
• Change of batch and recipe on-the-fly
• Generation of production reports
• OPC / UA communication protocol
• Image quality verification/adjustment with template
• Simplification of remote technical assistance

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