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Olive Oil

Multiscan Technologies in the olive oil sector

After more than 20 years being the world leader in the sorting and grading of table olives, Multiscan Technologies transfers its know-how to the olive oil sector. We are aware of the requirements applied throughout the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) value chain, and for this reason we can now offer oil mills a unique solution to ensure the quality and differentiation of extra virgin olive oils in this competitive sector.

Value applications


Compact systems with vision technology for sorting processes


Improved processing and performance towards integration and automation for the new industrial age

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Applied Technologies


Sorting of olives for milling

EVOOlution is an innovative high-capacity system specially designed for the monitoring and sorting of olives. Through the use of advanced vision technology, it can sort each olive according to its maturity index and the presence of any defect, to guarantee the highest quality of the extra virgin olive oil produced. With this solution, EVOO producers will optimize their processes and increase their profits and the final value of their products.

Increased quality of final product

High efficiency in sorting by maturity index and presence of defect

High capacity for processing and homogenization of the product input

Sorting in up to 3 fully configurable outputs

Higher returns from quality assurance of EVOO and from control of growers

Real-time batch information



EVOO Vision technology combines innovative vision systems for a very advanced sorting to detect quality problems. Through belt transport and vision on-the-fly, high capacity sorting is achieved, processing large volumes of product with high efficiencies. In addition, with its double vision system it practically ensures a complete analysis of the product surface.

Main defects detected in olive oil mill:

Dehydrated an Mummies
Fly damage
Surface defects
Unwanted material (olive knots, sticks, stones, etc.)

Sorting by maturity index:

MVS 2020

MVS2020 is the new software platform providing Multiscan sorting systems with renewed functionalities and interfaces to increase their performance. Supported by a higher-capacity computer, MVS2020 incorporates advanced digital processing and information management capabilities to meet the new integration and Industry 4.0 needs.

  • More visual and intuitive interface
  • Implementation of Machine Learning
  • High-power computing and improved algorithms
  • Customized configuration options
  • Change of batch and recipe on-the-fly
  • Generation of production reports
  • OPC / UA communication protocol
  • Image quality verification/adjustment with template
  • Simplification of remote technical assistance

Success stories

Our clients support us

EVOOlution is a very useful system to sort and differentiate fruits and eliminate those that may present a poor phenological state and, therefore, affect the quality of EVOO. Highly recommended tool for those oil mills that seek to produce excellent juices.

Multiscan EVOOlution Solution

FRANCISCO VAÑÓCEO Castillo de Canena

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