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Les sociétés d’exploitation de la famille Duravant desservent les secteurs de la transformation alimentaire, de l’emballage et de la manutention.

The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


Packed product

Multiscan Technologies in the packaged product sector

Multiscan Technologies has positioned itself in the food industry sector as the only manufacturer that offers differential X-ray solutions for the inspection of all types of packaged products: canned and prepared food, fruits and vegetables, bakery and confectionery, fish and seafood, ice cream and dairy.

The food industry is facing  increasingly demanding regulations and quality standards. Ensuring the suitability of products with the use of precision technologies is an insurance for the company that allows automation and absolute control of its quality processes.

Value-added applications

Food inspection and safety

High resolution X-ray inspection systems that can be combined with computer vision technologies for complex inspection processes such as the detection of very small dense contaminants


Process optimization to move towards the integration and automation in the new industrial Era

Our clients support us

Important companies in the agri-food sector share their experience of working with us

Applied technologies


Advanced inspection for packaged product

MXV-PACK is specially designed for the inspection of packaged products of different shapes and contents: boxes, trays, bags, etc. It is a compact, high-performance equipment that integrates X-ray vision technologies for the detection of dense contaminants. It analyzes formats up to a maximum size of 600 mm wide and 400 mm high with the multi-channel operation option. With the MXV-PACK, packaged-food producers guarantee food safety and homogeneity of the final product, complying with quality standards.

Detection of very small dense contaminants

Detection of dense contaminants in products with metal clips and in aluminised packaging

Weight estimation and filling level

Unit counting

Non-homogeneous product detection: uneven distribution, crushed, broken, etc

Main applications of the MXV-PACK:

Canned food
Dairy products



X-Ray technology uses innovative X-ray vision systems that allow comprehensive product inspection by detecting the presence of dense foreign bodies. This is the most appropriate technology to ensure the product suitability and compliance with food safety standards.

Main foreign bodies detected in meat products:

Dense Bones


High-resolution technology that integrates deep learning artificial intelligence models and specific software developments. . An advanced detection system that can identify foreign bodies of very small size that are difficult to see even for the human eye.

Main foreign bodies detected in meat products:

Metals of very small dimensions
Small and poorly calcified bones

MVS 2020

MVS2020 is the new software platform providing Multiscan’s sorting systems with renewed functionalities and interfaces which enhance their performance. Supported by a higher-capacity computer, MVS2020 incorporates advanced digital processing and information management capabilities to meet the new integration and Industry 4.0 needs.

  • More visual and intuitive interface
  • Implementation of Machine Learning
  • High-power computing and improved algorithms
  • Customized configuration options
  • Change of batch and recipe on-the-fly
  • Production reports generation
  • OPC / UA communication protocol
  • Image quality verification/adjustment with template
  • Simplification of remote technical assistance

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