The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Multiscan S80 Avocado is specially designed to undertake an efficient pre-grading of avocado by external quality, color and sizeoptimizing the production flow in the whole line and maximazing its efficiency. Equipped with SPIN SORT technology, analyze the fruit completely through 360º rotation increasing the detection capacity of any quality problem.

The main benefits provided by the Multiscan S80 Avocado are:

  • Maximize grader production:improves the overall productivity of the line by feeding the grader with product previously sorted and by reaching the highest total throughput
    • Smart loading: assures the pre-stated production by automatically varying its working and peripherals speed, all according to real time product quality
    • Labour and production savings: substantial reduction of the sorting process costs
    • Defect detection: improves previous manual sorting by color, size and defect type
    • Production information: electronic batch quality reports which allows to pay the producers according to the quality of their products quality
    • Machine Learning: supervised Machine Learning Software for defect detection

All this implies an economic benefit for avocado processing companies and trading companies.