The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

CoffeXcan is a system specially designed for the sorting and inspection of cherry coffee.

Through the combination of advanced vision and X-ray technology, it allows a very efficient sorting by degree of maturity and internal quality. In this way, the wet processing plants can obtain special coffees of the highest score and quality consistently over time by using the cherries at their optimum ripeness point and with the best quality, external and internal, as well as discarding those with borer or empty.

Main benefits
  • Increased quality of the coffee cup
  • High efficiency in color sorting and internal quality
  • High processing capacity
  • Sorting in 3 fully configurable outputs for special sorting needs
  • Avoid rework and optimize processes
  • Savings in labor and equipment footprint

All this implies an improvement in yields and the optimization of the subsequent hulling process. In addition, it is a fundamental tool to ensure obtaining specialty coffees year after year.

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