The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Multiscan i5 Tomato is a high capacity system specially designed for the grading and sorting of cherry tomato based on its quality, color and size, being a complete solution from the entry of the product to its packaging.

With its innovative individual roller transport system, it ensures a constant and harmless transfer for the product. Thanks to its vision technology, using high-resolution digital cameras, it guarantees compliance with quality standards and a classification of up to 8 outputs.

  • Increase in the quality of the final product
  • High versatility of use compatible with all varieties of cherry tomato
  • Classification by up to 8 configurable outputs
  • Very compactsystem
  • Optimizationof the calibration processes and the packaging area
  • Labor saving in the tria area and calibration and increase of the margin per kg of processed cherry tomato
  • Allows automatic unit counting


All this translates into an increase in overall profit and a rapid return on investment for cherry tomato processors and packhouses