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X-ray technology with specific software developments help companies improve the quality of the product they deliver to their customers since it is the only one that can reliably inspect packaged products.

In the case of packaged pizzas, this technology allows not only the detection of dense foreign bodies, but also identifies other defects such as shape problems, poor product distribution or lack of toppings.


Pizza manufacturing and packaging lines are complex lines because they work at high speeds. In addition, they have different critical processes such as the positioning of toppings at the base of the dough; the absence of them supposes a visible quality defect in the eyes of the client.

Normally, the inspection of the product is carried out at the end of the line on the packaged product and for this reason the integration of X-ray equipment in this part of the process is very interesting. In addition to detecting all kinds of dense contaminants, it helps the manufacturer to detect certain quality defects in pizzas that are difficult to detect with other technology.


The use of X-ray equipment for the detection of quality defects in packaged pizzas is an alternative that offers better performance compared to visual inspection techniques.

It must be taken into account that software modifications and equipment settings for each type of product are usually complex. They are normally only available to equipment manufacturers.

The percentage of detection of this type of quality defects is usually very high in many types of packaged pizza, but we recommend that each defect be analyzed and validated individually to know the real efficiency under normal working conditions.

El uso de equipos de rayos X para la detección de defectos de calidad en pizzas envasadas es alternativa que ofrece mejores rendimientos frente a las técnicas de inspección visuales.


The defects present in packaged pizzas that can be identified by an X-ray equipment that integrates specific software are:

  • Pizzas whose weight is not within a certain weight range
  • Pizzas that may be bent or that are not uniform in size: they can be rejected by applying a contour analysis.


  • Pizzas that may have crushed areas or lack of product


  • Pizzas with toppings poorly distributed or dosed on the surface



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