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The most advanced cherry tomato sorting for the detection of quality problems at the ends of the product.

Multiscan Technologies has a long history in the tomato sector and is aware of the high quality requirements applied to its entire value chain. For this reason, its range of solutions includes sorting systems specially designed for repackaging processes, as well as more complex systems for product sorting and grading.

Now it is launching its latest innovation, the TOTAL VISION system, designed to more efficiently detect defects in the ends of cherry tomatoes, especially in elongated product varieties (grape)


The tomato is on the list of the most consumed vegetables in the world. Its export-import implies long value chains with different actors. For this reason, the demand for compliance with quality standards is increasingly high. The appearance of new varieties and sizes requires companies to be increasingly versatile and careful in classifying their products. Betting on state-of-the-art technology that automates these processes is already a requirement to win over the consumer and stand out from the competition.

New challenges: tomato sorting with optical vision to detect quality problems in the blossom and stem ends

Thanks to our knowledge of the sector and our experience with large cherry tomato producers worldwide, we identified a new need to detect defects at the ends of the product.

Cherry tomato grading equipment on the market works very well with round products, but they are not efficient when it comes to detecting defects in the blossom and stem ends, especially if they are elongated varieties (grape).

This is a problem for the producers of these new varieties, which are increasingly common, especially in countries such as Canada or Morocco. Our clients needed to invest in manual sorting to ensure the quality of their tomatoes and detect serious defects such as apical necrosis, tuta or thrips.


Multiscan Grading System (MGS) is a high-capacity system with the latest electronic selection technology specially designed for the sorting of cherry tomatoes, round or elongated, by quality, colour, size and shape. It is part of a complete processing solution from product input to packaging.

TOTAL VISION technology developed by Multiscan Technologies

Multiscan’s TOTAL VISION technology combines innovative vision and transport systems on individual rollers that allow optimal sorting with high capacity, efficiency and versatility. Its lateral cameras allow to identify defects of the blossom and stem ends in varieties of elongated product. It is the ideal technology to optimize the most demanding grading processes through its large number of fully configurable outputs.

Features and benefits of the MGS Tomato

The main benefits of the MGS Tomato for tomato sorting are:

  • Increased quality of final product
  • High versatility of use compatible with most varieties of small tomato
  • Optimization of the calibration processes and the packing area
  • Labor savings in sorting and sizing and increased margin per kg of processed tomato
  • Unit counting for product dosing
  • Generation of production reports that allow making decisions reinforced by the data and a rapid response to unforeseen events
Technical characteristics
  • Sorting options: up to 12 lanes according to customer needs
  • Product size: round and elongated cherry tomato, with sizes of 20-32 mm


The MGS Tomato is a solution validated in leading companies in the international cherry tomato sector.

According to the testimony of our client Heritage Farms “In the ongoing deal with Multiscan, we had all the trust in their capability to do an upgrade on their existing machine on replacing the camera box for a new design with side cameras. This way the machine would be able to sort out tomatoes with blossom end rot, that was hard to see before, being at the tip of the grape tomatoes. Once successfully accomplished, it was for us the reason to order two more of the MGS color sorters for our 2 new expansions”

A solid proof of the reliability of our equipment and the rapid return on investment that our clients have in this sector.


For more information about our equipment and the new improved functionalities for tomato grading, contact our team of specialists.