The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.



Our know-how is based on the use of the latest vision technologies combined with innovative methods of handling and transporting produce to achieve optimal sorting capabilities.


Vision technologies used by multiscan technologies

We are unique in proposing differential solutions for the sorting and grading of fruits and vegetables, as well as advanced X-ray technology equipment to ensure safety and compliance in the food industry.

Our differential value is based on offering unique applications to respond to the specific needs of each client, increasing efficiency in certain sorting processes.

If you are looking to improve your quality processes and optimize your production with a short-term return on investment, Multiscan Technologies is your ideal technology partner.


Quality drives the purchasing decisions of your customers

Consumers require products of higher and consistent quality; any defect, stain, damage, lack of color or shape problem can cause them not to choose a fruit or vegetable. Multiscan's intelligent vision systems assess products through automated process monitoring, ensuring a high degree of quality and available production analytics. Our state-of-the-art MVS2020 software will process the information to make decisions in real time and provide higher product compliance.


Consumer safety is a priority

Eliminating any threat to the health of consumers is essential in any production process. The presence of metals, glass, stones or bones can have devastating consequences for any company's reputation. Multiscan’s X-ray technology inspects your product flow continuously, ensuring food safety and compliance with quality requirements. In addition, it provides additional functionalities, such as unit counting or the detection of shape or weight problems, being the most complete technology to ensure the conformity of your products.


The most versatile technology to guarantee the quality of your products

Quality and food safety controls required to companies are increasingly demanding. As a consequence, food manufacturers must implement multiple strategies to control it. Multiscan Technologies has developed this innovative technology in the market that combines X-rays with other vision technologies, achieving a comprehensive inspection of the product; detection of high / medium density foreign bodies and detection of problems such as color, shape, size or visible defects. It is the most complete technology to optimize your control processes.