The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Multiscan S30P is a compact and versatile system specially designed for sorting pecan nuts in shell by quality, color, size and shape, also allowing sorting by variety.

Multiscan S30P, selección por calidad de nuez pecana con cáscara

Thanks to its high versatility and efficiency, it allows multiple configurations of its sorting parameters, responding to the different needs of our customers. With this innovative solution, pecan processors will reduce the need for labor and the space required for machinery, in addition to optimizing their processes.

Equipped with SPIN SORT technology and an advanced vision system, it transports the fruit while producing a 360º turn, more efficiently detecting quality problems due to color, shape or presence of defect.

Benefits and functionalities:

• Throughput of up to 750,000 fruits/h

•  Increase in the quality of the final product

•  High versatility of use and sorting by a wide variety of parameters

•  Sorting by 3 fully configurable outputs

•  It allows to separate varieties and is the only solution on the market that detects germinated fruits

• Savings in labor and the space required for product processing

If you want to know more about how it works, access this video