Les sociétés d’exploitation de la famille Duravant desservent les secteurs de la transformation alimentaire, de l’emballage et de la manutention.

Multiscan Technologies launches the OMNI (VISUM) project. This project aims to develop a characterization line and its management platform using X-ray technologies, inspection in the visible range, hyperspectral inspection and thermography. All of this in a single device that allows traceability of animal origin, the detection of foreign bodies, and the measurement of salt content and the percentage and distribution of fat. This information is used for precise individualized labeling of meats and processed foods.

During 2021, the objective of the technical equipment has been the design and construction of a first prototype in order to work on its validation and improvement during 2022. It is expected to be able to reach the end of the execution period of the OMNI Project (VISUM ) to a modular and complementary solution to the current product line in this sector, such as the MXV MEAT ADVANCED, which can begin to be marketed to Multiscan’s reference customers.

The project has a total budget of € 854,534.00 and has been in progress since November 2020, spanning 24 months of execution. In addition to the technical team of Multiscan Technologies, the project has the collaboration of the Institute for Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) and meat companies.

The Omni Project (VISUM) has received aid from the Center for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI), in the form of a partially reimbursable loan for the amount of € 726,353.90, this aid being co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). ) through the Regional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020.