Les sociétés d’exploitation de la famille Duravant desservent les secteurs de la transformation alimentaire, de l’emballage et de la manutention.

Multiscan Technologies will be exhibiting at the Fruit and Vegetables international meeting, October 5 to 7, at IFEMA (Madrid).

In this edition, we will introduce two new solutions for QUALITY SORTING of produce:

  • MGS TOMATO: high capacity system for grading of cherry and grape tomatoes by quality, color and size. Its new advanced vision system with side cameras can better identify defects in the blossom and stem areas in elongated varieties.
  • MULTISCAN S90: compact, high capacity system for sorting of avocados, citrus and tomatoes by quality, color and size. It is the ideal equipment to automate manual sorting, optimizing packing or repacking operations.

We look forward to your visit at BOOTH 10E10!

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